Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Some tips to check at Soul Seduction, Vienna

Welcome to mid July, and what will be for many, vacation time. Here at Jazz Station we too are about to have a vacation. Music this summer is and especially over the next two weeks is hotter than July. Huge amount of good music doing the rounds so lets start of with.... Rasmus Faber and So Far. Excellent summer release and happy on the house side for fans of the soulful side.
Next up is one of my fav producers is Shur I Kan and his effort for Winding Road is as always top drawer. Check the Glideoscope EP for more sexy summer beats.Big up my buddy Gerd, a classic Fire in my soul is in digital form and still sounding awesome. Must remember to load this on the Pod. Nice surprise for me is Moar & Raashan Ahmad release. Jazzy and breezy and stylish beats. Check Seasons change out if you are a head nodder and the mellow.
One label that I closely keep tabs on is Trapez. Always seems to get people dancing and I’m happy to hear Patrice Bäumel will do the same for me (especially ‘Cavern’) Check Flow for a slice of really intelligent German techno. Setenta and Sweet dreams was another nice summer surprise for me. Anything Latino gives me a good feeling and gets the suntan lotion out (even if there’s no sun).Tosca, yes I said Tosca, and they are back with Brian Emely. Check out some G-Stone digital niceness as I’m sure this will be exclusive at the store for while?
Finally for me this week, special mention to Celia Mara and Silvia. Check out the Santa Rebeldia for more rebellious grooves from Alan's favourite Brazilian in Vienna. Check out the front page for what Philipp will be rocking on the beach this vacation. This Saturday night the mighty Kraak and Smaak will be in Vienna. Essential DJ set to witness as these guys are the real deal. All about this party here. See ya there hopefully.
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