Thursday, July 10, 2008

"Do It Again" at Amazon

Deodato's "Do It Again", produced by Arnaldo DeSouteiro for the Verve Music Group, is now available in the USA through Amazon.

review: ****
March 19, 2008
John B Goode "Record Keeper" (Nova Scotia, Canada) -

Not all the hits, but a very good compilation.
1. Do It Again 2. Peter Gunn 3. Amani 4. Moonlight Serenade 5. Havana Strut 6. Whirlwinds 7. Juanita 8. Theme from Star Trek 9. Adam's Hotel 10 Funk Yourself 11. Speak Low 12. Black Widow 13. St Louis Blues 14. Super Strut
Yes its missing Zarathustra. But that is easily available elsewhere. To buy the cds that contain all the above tracks (recorded in 1974-76) would cost quite a bit compared to the price of this 14 track cd. The cd is very loud (I compared Do It Again from my MCA Whirlwinds cd, with the Do It Again on this comp, and this one is much louder.) However, it also seems a bit brighter, alsmost shrill on the brass. I wish I knew what the original vinyl from 1974 sounded like. Notwithstanding, I am pleased with this comp. Can I add, that reviewers like myself, who take a chance on a disk that Amazon has no track list for, are very generous folks, especially when we then provide the track list for other browsers. You'd think Amazon would pay us :)

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