Sunday, July 27, 2008

12" EP of the Day - "Freddie Hubbard/Hubert Laws"

12" EP of the Day
"Freddie Hubbard/Hubert Laws" (CTI OJ 124) 2008
Side A - Freddie Hubbard: "Gibraltar" (12:08)
Side B - Hubert Laws: "Family" (7:35)
None of these tracks were produced by Creed Taylor... So, it seems to be a bootleg.
Released on July 14, 2008, it's already on sale on Ebay and in various webstores such as Juno
Hubbard has not recorded any "studio version" of "Gibraltar" during his days (1970-74) at CTI.
And this is a "studio" take - an all-acoustic version, with acoustic piano, acoustic bass, and at least two percussionists (one of them playing bongos).
The two "Gibraltar" versions that Hubbard did for CTI are "live" takes issued on the two "Hubbard/Turrentine In Concert" LPs recorded at the Chicago Opera House and Detroit Ford Auditorium in 1973. They are all-electric, with Hancock playing Fender Rhodes, and there's no percussion. Other "Gibraltar" versions, all done during CTI All-Stars concerts in 1971, 1972 and 1973, still exist and remain unreleased on Sony vaults (in the USA) as well as on King Record's archives (in Japan).
The only studio take of "Gibraltar" officially released by CTI is on Stanley Turrentine's "Salt Song" album, on which Hubbard doesn't plays.
Regarding "Family", it's the title track from Hubert Laws' 1980 album for Columbia. It reached # 5 in the Billboard Jazz Albums chart and # 133 in the Billboard Pop Albums chart. A funk-pop-jazz tune with a lush brass arrangement a la Earth Wind & Fire. I doubt that Laws is aware of this bootleg reissue.

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Hanimex 3000 said...

Hello Arnaldo,

I just read in another blog that Hiram Bullock & Joe Beck have recently passed away, and my first research leads me to your blog...
Say, this is for the "good news of the day" section.

As I am a HUGE fan of 70s sound, especially brazilian or produced by C. Taylor, I already read your name here and there (Deodato's reissues, Doug Payne website, etc.). Respect. And I know the informations posted here will be fully reliable.

Anyway I'd like to know more about this 12" (and possibly to listen). Do you have an idea of the recording year and/or the musiciens involved ? It's the usual team I suppose; I wonder if these tunes are available on LP (which label ??). They're full or edited takes ? 'Family' is completely unknown to me.
And I haven't found it on Doug's website : the 'OJ' list ends before nb 60. Never seen any CTi 12" single in Europe yet.

So if you have more to say... :d