Tuesday, April 6, 2010

CD of the Day - "João Donato Trio: Sambolero"

CD of the Day
João Donato Trio: "Sambolero" (Dubas) 2010

Produced by João Samuel
Artistic Direction: Leonel Pereda & Ronaldo Bastos
Production Coordinator: Marcela Boechat
Featuring: Luiz Alves, Robertinho Silva, Sidinho Moreira, Antonella Pareschi et al.
Includes "new" instrumental versions of "Amazonas," "Quem Diz Que Sabe" (recorded by Wes Montgomery in 1967 under the title "Know It All"), "Bananeira," "Lugar Comum," "Sambolero" and "A Rã" ("The Frog").

Available in the USA through DustyGroove:

That's what they say:
"Beautifully mature work from Brazilian piano legend Joao Donato -- an album that draws on his rich legacy of musical expression from the bossa years onward, presented here with a few surprising twists and turns! The core format is piano trio -- Joao on the acoustic keys, with Luiz Alves on bass and Robertinho Silva on drums -- yet the sound is quite changed from the early days when Donato recorded heavily in this way, inflected with some really complicated rhythms at points, and turned towards these soulful undercurrents we especially love. Instrumentation includes a bit of guest strings on one track -- plus vocals from Zeca Pagodinho, flute from Ricardo Pontes, and cavaquinho from Paulinho Soares -- artists who each appear on a track in the set. Titles include "Sambolero", "E Menina", "A Ra", "Jodel", "Sambou Sambou", "Amazonas", "Quem Diz Que Sabe", "Surpresa", and "Brisa Do Mar". © 2010, Dusty Groove America, Inc.

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