Monday, April 5, 2010

CD of the Day - "Emilio Santiago: Feito Para Ouvir"

CD of the Day
Emilio Santiago: "Feito Para Ouvir" (Dubas) 2009

Reissue produced by Leonel Pereda & Ronaldo Bastos (for the Dubas label) of Santiago's third album (and his second for Philips), originally produced by Roberto Santana in 1977 and engineered by João Moreira, Luiz Claudio & Jairo Gualberto
Production Coordination of the CD reissue: Marcela Boechat
Remastered by Luiz Tornaghi
New cover art by 6D

Featuring: Laercio de Freitas, J.T. Meirelles, Luizão Maia, Sergio Barroso, Ary Piassarollo, Luiz Claudio Ramos, Nelson Serra & Zequinha
Highlights: "Beijo Partido," "Ponto Final," "O Que É Amar" (composed by Johnny Alf, to whom this reissue was dedicated), "Última Forma," "Tristeza de Nós Dois," "Rua Deserta" and João Donato's "Mentiras" (originally titled "Warm Song" when recorded by Cal Tjader on "The Prophet" album for Verve in 1967, before Lysias Enio added the Portuguese lyrics in 1973).

To order in the USA via DustyGroove:

That's what they say:
"A stone 70s classic from Emilio Santiago -- and a set that really marks a big step forward in his music! Although coming from indie roots, Santiago's in richly sophisticated territory by the time of this record -- working with both soul and sensitivity that really set a new standard in Brazilian music for the time -- especially from a relative newcomer. The backings have a sensitive mix of keyboards and gentle instrumentation -- just the right level to underscore Santiago's subtly soulful vocals -- and although there's not nearly as much all-out groove as you'll hear on some other records by Emilio, there's a sense of depth that's really kept this one fresh over the years. Titles include "Ponto Final", "Mentiras", "Rua Deserta", "Ultima Forma", "O Que E Amar", "Maria", "Beijo Partido", and "Olha Maria". © Dusty Groove America, Inc.

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