Saturday, September 22, 2007

"On A Clear Bossa Day" - Tower Records (Japan) and Bounce mag

Comments about Mario Castro-Neves' album "On A Clear Bossa Day" (produced by Arnaldo DeSouteiro) published on the website of Tower Records-Japan and also in the September 2004 issue of "Bounce" magazine.

ムジカ・ロコムンドなどにも紹介されている、1967年にたった1枚だけ発表した伝説の名盤「マリオ・カストロ・ネヴィス&サンバ・S.A.」から37年、同名義のバンドを同じ編成にて奇跡の再始動!あのピアノ・トリオと女性デュオによるハーモニーとスキャットが織り成す極上のメロウなジャズ・ボッサが蘇る! リー・モーガンの「Candy」、マルコス・ヴァーリの代表曲「So nice」、ジャズ・スタンダードの「On a clear day」などのカヴァー、新曲4曲、ボサノヴァのアンセムとして知られる「Mamadeira atonal」の初レコーディング化曲、日本のみのボーナストラックを含む全14曲を収録!今回の再始動を勧めた世界的なジャズ・レーベル「JSR」の主宰者アルナルド・ヂ・ソウテイロがプロデュース。

English translation:

A shock for Brazilian music fans! The big news of 2004 in world's music scene !! 37 years have passed since the legendary classic "Mario Castro Neves & Samba S.A." was released, for instance introduced in Musica Locomundo. The same band re-starts its activities. Miracle! Fast rated mellow jazz bossa comes to life, accompanying weaved harmony and scat by a Piano trio and female duo! 14 tracks in total are featured including covers of such tracks as "Candy", Marcos Valle's "So Nice", Jazz standard "On a clear day", 4 new tracks, and first ever recording of "Mamadeira atonal", known as a bossa nova anthem. There's also a bonus track only for the Japanese edition. Produced by Arnaldo DeSouteiro, owner of the internationally famous jazz label JSR, who encouraged Mario to relaunch the band.


ライター: 広瀬 毅 / bounce 2004年09月号掲載 bounce.comはこちら

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