Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Amanda Carr, beauty & talent praised by Nat Hentoff

Still speaking about this very special combination of beauty and musical talent: there have always been jazz musicians who were well known in the region they lived and worked in but never made it on a national level, as Nat Hentoff reports in The Wall Street Journal . One of such musicians is the singer and pianist Amanda Carr who in her new album "Soon" is finally acknowledged outside New England. Music was part of her family tradition: her grand mother had played stride piano; her mother had sing; and her father had played the trumpet in the bands of Glenn Miller and Woody Herman. In 1996 she recorded her first album; in 1998 she performed for the first time at a European jazz festival (Turin, Italy). She sang with several ghost bands who try to revive the swing era. On her new album she is accompanied by guitarist John Wilkins, drummer Kenny Hadley, saxophonist Arnie Krakowsky and bassist Bronek Suchanek.

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