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"Love Dance" - Cosmik review

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ITHAMARA KOORAX Love Dance (Milestone) Reviewed by DJ Johnson Aaah,
romance. Ithamara Koorax, the splendid Brazilian jazz vocalist ... 040515_review_ithamara_koorax.html - 5k - Em cache - Páginas Semelhantes

Love Dance (Milestone)
Produced by Arnaldo DeSouteiro
Reviewed by DJ Johnson

"Aaah, romance. Ithamara Koorax, the splendid Brazilian jazz vocalist just becoming known in the United States despite a long and successful career everywhere else, has a goosebump-inducing voice that is doubly effective when she works in the ballad format. Which is what Love Dance is all about.
These aren't run of the mill ballads, of course; there's an exotic flavor throughout, as she performs songs in English, Spanish and Portuguese and offers selections from composers like Antonio Carlos Jobim ("Amparo" and "Absolut Lee"), Luiz Bonfa ("Man Alone") and Ivan Lins ("Love Dance"). Koorax gives these songs such an irresistible aura even an admitted ballad cynic like me turns to putty. And what she does with the classic, "April In Paris," is pure magic.

The musical backing is wonderful, but the sounds do vary because the tracks were recorded over a three year period (2000 to 2002) and in five different countries with as many musicians as you'd expect such an undertaking to require. This is never an issue, however, since the focus is always the incredibly talented Ithamara Koorax. Her second U.S. album, like her first, is a triumph and a pure joy. "

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