Monday, September 24, 2007

Diana Krall plans new collaboration with Claus Ogerman and appears tonight at Jay Leno

My favourite Blond-Girl, Diana Krall, will be performing tonight at the Jay Leno TV show on NBC. It's part of the promo campaign for her recent compilation, "The Very Best of Diana Krall", released in the US last week, which also includes some previously unreleased tracks.

The last three months she was on tour with her new family, Diana Krall tells Andrew Purcell ( Guardian ), with her husband Elvis Costello and the twins. Many jazz purists find her kind of music too smooth. She has always been criticized for the way she was marketed. She used to be bothered by such criticism but feels that she is more balanced now. It is wrong that she is being directed by the industry - she emphasizes that she is doing all her own arrangements, conceptualising everything. She wants to be a jazz entertainer just like Frank Sinatra and Harry Connick Jr. and especially like Nat King Cole. Krall also plans to record a new album for which Claus Ogerman will again write some of the arrangements.

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