Friday, September 21, 2007

Daniel Wolff News

Daniel will give a series of recitals in Germany. Still in September, he will perform in Berlin, Zepernick and Lehsten, with German guitarist Daniel Göritz. The duo is releasing their new CD, New Transcriptions for 2 Guitars Vol. 1. Daniel will afterwards perform in Munich and Hamburg, among other cities

NEW ARRANGEMENTS FOR DOWNLOAD Daniel's arrangements of works by Thiago de Mello are available for download here. They comprise works recorded on the CDs "The Right Seasons" and "Coisas da Vida"

Daniel's research activities at the Universität der Künste and the Hochschule für Musik Hans Eisler, sponsored by the Brazilian Ministry of Education (Capes), have already begun. Still in September, Daniel will be one of the teachers of the seminar on analysis and interpretation offered by the Universität der Künste at its historic country estate in Sauen. Further teaching will take place in Berlin throughout the academic semester.

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