Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Chico Hamilton's "Hamiltonia" released today

Dropping TODAY from Joyous Shout!, "Hamiltonia" samples Foreststorn "Chico" Hamilton's original compositions from four albums released in 2006 in celebration of his 85th B-day. Guiding his "Euphoria" sextet on a journey drawn from a different harmonic palette, penning melodies for them to sing with long memorable lines, all set over Hamilton's signature rhythms, "Hamiltonia" shows the octogenarian Hamilton to STILL be the studious teacher.

"Hamiltonia" is an impassioned statement of purpose- an emphatic endorsement of writing and performing THIS music in the NOW, the way the GREATS did in their time. Recognized as a "NEA Jazz Master", saluted by the Kennedy Center as a "Living Jazz Legend", and recently appointed to the National Council on the Arts, "Hamiltonia" confirms Hamilton's status as one of the most important living jazz artists and composers.

"An astonishing burst of creativity."
richard s. ginell/all music guide

"Foreststorn 'Chico' Hamilton is a true jazz legend- his music represents jazz in its purest form. It is invention, originality and change. He is unafraid to let the music flow forth in whatever creative form it chooses while staying true to his identity as a musician. Hamilton's steady, forceful, yet beautifully restrained drumming leads his group track by track. The result is everything you expect jazz to be. At a young 85 years old, Hamilton is the true epitome of agelessness, and his music knows no generational bounds". sheeba rashada/groundliftmag.com

Also OUT NOW is the limited edition 12" vinyl from SoulFeast (Brian Michel Bacchus & Joaquin "Joe" Claussell) with their reworking of "Mysterious Maiden" from Chico's 1980 "Nomad" release. Available thru www.dopejams.net (sales@dopejams.net).

Catch Chico and his Euphoria group on September 19th @ the One World Theater in Austin, TX.

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