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Moog Music Announces "The Bob" Award Winners


The Moog Music Lifetime Achievement Award, "The Bob," is given to artists who have advanced the field of electronic music, especially through the playing and use of Moog instruments. After the first ever Bobs were given during last year's Moogfest, Moog Music has once again announced the winners of this prestigious award, to be presented at Moogfest 2007 at B.B. King's in New York City on Saturday, September 22.

Congratulations to Herb Deutsch and Gershon Kingsley, this year's recipients of The Bob. They follow in the footsteps of Jan Hammer and Keith Emerson, who were presented with the awards at last year's show.

Herb Deutsch worked alongside the late, Robert Moog to develop the first-ever Moog synthesizer. Now some forty-plus years later, Herb continues to amaze with myriad sounds and instruments, including piano, theremin and saxophone. He has recently released a CD, "From Moog to Mac," showcasing a master composer at the forefront of his craft throughout his career.

"The Bob honors those musicians who played or contributed to Moog instruments in ways that advanced the art," said Mike Adams, president of Moog Music. "Herb has spent a lifetime advancing the art. Moog's technical innovations evolved into more useful musical instruments as a result of Herb's relationship with Bob."

Gershon Kingsley led the First Moog Quartet and was one of the first performers to use a Moog synthesizer in a live performance. His albums, including "Kaleidoscopic Vibrations" and "Music to Moog By," represent some of the greatest Moog-based music compositions of all time.

The late Bob Moog was quoted as saying "Gershon became a master of the Moog, and his creativity and musical intelligence enabled him to become one of the best known synthesizer musicians of his time."


Moogfest, in conjunction with The Bob Moog Foundation, presents the first annual Moogfest Symposium. On September 20th, 2007, luminaries in the field of electronic music will gather at the Music Department of Columbia University to discuss how the life and work of synthesizer maverick Dr. Robert Moog has affected their own work.

Members of the Moogfest panel include:
Herbert Deutsch - collaborator on the development of the first Moog synthesizer; composer, musician, and twice Chair of the Music Department at Hofstra University.
Gershon Kingsley - musician and composer who led the first Moog Quartet, which performed around the country and at Carnegie Hall. Best known for his catchy melody "Popcorn", which is part of his "Music to Moog By" album, Mr. Kinglsey has recorded many Moog Albums, including his most recent addition "God is a Moog".
Joel Chadabe - composer, performer and pioneer in the development of interactive music systems. Mr. Chadabe has had a lifelong career in academia and has lectured and recorded extensively. He is the President of the Electronic Music Foundation.
John Eaton - Avant garde opera comoposer and McArthur Fellow who, over a 20 year collaboration with Dr. Moog, created the Eaton-Moog Multi-Touch Sensitive Keyboard.
David Borden - Played and tested early Moog Modulars in Dr. Moog's studio in Trumansburg, NY. Founder of Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece, the first Moog synthesizer ensemble. Retired Director of the Digial Music Program at Cornell Univerity.
Trevor Pinch - Author of "Analog Days: The Invention and Impact of the Moog Syntheziser" and professor and Chairperson of Science and Technology Studies at Cornell Univeristy.

Moogfest and the Bob Moog Foundation are proud and honored to be sponsoring an event that pulls together these lifelong colleagues of Dr. Moog and the vast amount of experiences and knowledge that they share. This promises to be a very special event.

Please join us at:
Center Room
3rd Floor, Prentis Hall
632 West 125th Street
Columbia University

For directions online, please see:

For additional information, please contact Michelle Moog-Koussa, Executive Director of The Bob Moog Foundation at

In addition, Moog has released a DVD of Moogfest 2006, available through Moog's Web site at The DVD sells for $17.95 and includes live performances by Keith Emerson, Jan Hammer, Roger O'Donnell (The Cure), DJ Logic and many others.

B.B. King's Blues Club is located at 237 West 42nd Street, between 7th and 8th Avenues. Tickets for this special event, produced by Charles Carlini of the Carlini Group, are $45 and are available through B.B. King's box office ((212) 997-4144) and all Ticketmaster outlets

For more details on Moogfest, visit

To view a segment with Keith Emerson click here

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