Saturday, March 20, 2010

Obama: "Make the Call"

"Dear Arnaldo:

According to our records, you live in California's 30th congressional district. We need your support!

Tomorrow, we can extend coverage to millions. We can end insurance-company abuses forever. We can finally give Americans control over their own health care.

But we can't take anything for granted. The vote in the House could still go either way. It's up to every American who believes in reform to call our representatives and speak up -- right now.

So, if you haven't yet, please pick up the phone and call Rep. Capps's office at (202) 225-3601. But don't stop there. Make it your mission today to get 5 friends or neighbors to call, too.

Forward this email widely. Save the Congressional switchboard number -- (202) 224-3121 -- in your cell phone, and then hand your phone to a friend, a co-worker, a family member.

Call the folks you know who share our vision for change, and let them know that this is their chance -- our chance -- to not just witness history, but to make it.

Thanks for being there for every step of this final march for reform. And thanks for making it possible.

Mitch Stewart
Director - "Organizing for America"

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