Tuesday, March 23, 2010

CD of the Day - "Absolute Ensemble & Joe Zawinul"

CD of the Day
"Absolute Ensemble featuring Joe Zawinul" (Sunnyside) 2010

Already available in the USA through DustyGroove:

That's what they say...
"Joe Zawinul's last recording -- a set done in close collaboration with the Absolute Ensemble of Kristjan Jarvi! The project seeks to explores some older, under-plumbed depths of Zawinul's career -- yet also wants to avoid falling into overdone Weather Report cliches as well -- so the sound is kind of a fresh blend of elements always lurking in Joe's music, re-arranged in fresh ways by Gene Pritsker of the group. The lineup is large, but works together nicely -- pulling together elements of jazz, Brazilian, funk, and more organic styles into a rich tapestry of sound -- all based on Zawinul tunes that include "Ice Pick Willy", "The Peasant", "Good Day", "Great Empire", "Sultan", and "Peace"."

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