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Vinyl of the Day - "Future World Funk"

Vinyl of the Day
"Future World Funk" (Ocho 2-LP Set 001) 2000

Text from back cover:
"Latin, Afro, Fink, Dub and Future World Beats
From Rio to Paris, Lisbon to Algiers and New York to Cali - A dazzling musical form is born. Combining elements of Latin, African, Indian, Arabic and Caribbean musics with the nocturnal sounds of breaks, beats and grooves, this is the funky soundtrack for the 21st Century: Future World Funk."

Liner notes by DJ Cliffy & Russ Jones

Includes the track "Samba de Nanh" (written & arranged by Fabio Fonseca), performed by Dom Um Romão and produced by Arnaldo DeSouteiro for Jazz Station Records (JSR)

CD Release Date: May 9, 2000 (digipak)
LP version released on April 25, 2000

Side A
A1 Chico Science & Nação Zumbi - Rios, Pontes & Overdrives
A2 Femi Kuti - Beng Beng Beng (Da Lata Remix)
A3 Stereo MC's - Fever (Steve Hillage Remix)
Side B
B1 Sidestepper - Logozo
B2 Otto - TV A Cabo/ O Que Dá Lá É Lama
B3 Sutra Sonic - Shalamar
B4 Papa Vazquez - Baila Plena (Off World Ensemble Rmx by Kirk DeGiorgio)
Side C
C1 Mr. Hermano - Corcovado (Bonus Batteria Mix)
C2 Nahawa Doumbia - Yankaw (Bassino Dub Mix)
C3 Manasseh - Skenga featuring Knati
C4 Simon Lee & Raj Gupta - Azteca
Side D
D1 Dom Um Romao - Samba De Nanh
D2 Big Youth - Mammy Hot Daddy Cool
D3 Hector Spector - Colour Fish (Goat People Mix) featuring Vanessa Freeman

Total Time 70:35

Credits (in alphabetical order):
Toninho Barbosa - Producer
Big Youth - Performer
Guilherme Borges - Engineer
Kirk DeGiorgio - Remix
Arnaldo DeSouteiro - Producer
Nahawa Doumbia - Performer
Fabio Fonseca - Keyboards, Vocals, Arranger
Vanessa Freeman - Vocals
Steve Hillage - Remix
Femi Kuti - Performer
Manasseh - Performer
Mr. Hermano - Performer
André Rodrigues - Bass
Dom Um Romão - Percussion, Drums, Performer
Chico Science - Performer
Sidestepper - Performer
Stereo MC's - Performer
Papo Vazquez - Trombone, Performer

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