Thursday, February 18, 2010

Box Set of the Day - "Art Van Damme: Swinging The Accordion on MPS"

Box Set of the Day
Art Van Damme: "Swinging The Accordion on MPS" (2006)

The undisputed master of the jazz accordion in a fantastic 5-CD set including 10 albums with 119 tracks produced & engineered by Hans Georg Brunner-Schwer for the MPS label between 1966 and 1970.
Featuring Joe Pass, Fred Rundquist, Siggi Schwab, Eberhard Weber, Peter Witte, Heribert Thusek, Charly Antolini, Kenny Clare, John Mosher, Paul Miller, John Rae, John Markham et al.
This box set reissue, produced by Mattias Kunnecke for Universal, comes with a 30-page booklet including detailed data, many rare pics, all the original album covers and all original liner notes, plus a new text by MPS' A&R man Willi Fruth.

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