Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Message from Jim Cullum (From Russia to You)

Dear Arnaldo,

We did it—we made good on our promise to you to share jazz around the world. We’re just getting over the jet lag from our recent tour of Russia, and I’ve written it all up to give you a report. It was a blast filled with adventure for us as we went on the road to Russia where we played in nine cities, across seven time zones—from Moscow to Siberia, to the Baltic Sea—performing for audiences who went crazy for our American music.

At the end of 2006, I asked online listeners for the first time to give a gift to Riverwalk Jazz to help us continue to bring our music to you via radio and the Web, to larger audiences around the world. Year-end contributions were gratifying, and I thank you.

In Russia, basking in the glow of applause that at times was unstoppable, I was surprised to find that many knew of our music through the audio stream of the weekly broadcast. I’d like to see us capitalize on the power of the Web to bring classic jazz to an even wider global audience in 2007.

To thank you for becoming a member, I’m giving you a “sneak preview” of my Russia Diaries (I wrote the whole thing) and some fantastic photos taken by the band members. Your membership makes it possible to keep jazz alive for audiences around the globe.

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