Monday, February 8, 2016

Instrumental Cue Recording in the Studio on TAXI TV Today at 4/7 pm

Cue Recording Basics with Steve Barden On Today’s TAXI TV!
7pm Eastern (EST) / 6pm Central (CST) / 4pm Pacific (PST) /
Midnight, London / 11am, Sydney (AEST)

Dear Passengers,
 “Cuewareness” has become part of my every day life. I notice Instrumental Cues on TV. I listen to their melodies, arrangements, mixes, and study how they are used, obsessively.
I also talk about them on TAXI TV as well, but we’ve never shown you how to actually create a simple Instrumental Cue – until today, that is!
Successful TAXI member Steve Barden is being very gracious and letting us visit his home studio to watch him record a simple, acoustic guitar-based instrumental cue, live, and in real time! 

If you want to know how much, or what kind of gear you need to do a simple cue, watch this show!
If you want to know how to write and arrange a simple cue, watch this show!
If you want to see how easy it is to get started doing simple instrumental cues, don’t miss this show! 
See Steve’s credits by clicking here. Even if you’re already adept at writing and recording cues, watching this episode might introduce you to some other tricks of the trade that you hadn’t thought of yet! I’ve interviewed Steve for the TAXI newsletter, and he’s a very smart and hard-working man with a lot to offer!
We’re really excited about this show, and very grateful that Steve is opening his home and his studio for this episode. Try really hard to watch the live show so you can ask questions during the show!
Want to ask a question in the Chat Room during the show?

You’ll need to be signed up to Ustream and be visible in the TAXI TV chat room during the live show. Do this BEFORE the show goes live today. It takes a couple of minutes, and you don’t want to miss any of the show while signing up. It’s FREE!
Go to: and click the Log In (text) link in the upper right hand corner of the Ustream page – NOT the blue button! – Fill out the short form to join. If you’ve already got a free Ustream account and you’ve used our chat room before, you can skip this step. Once you’re on TAXI’s Ustream page, please click the link on the right had side of the page that says, “Chat,” and the chat room will open for you.
Click this link to watch the live show, or to watch the archived version of this (and all other episodes) later:

7pm Eastern (EST) / 6pm Central (CST) / 4pm Pacific (PST) /
Midnight, London / 11am, Sydney (AEST)
See you later,
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