Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sweet Sundays @ Green Door with EC Twins, Martin SKY & DJ Angeline

You made a right choice by coming to Green Door tomorrow. Promoters, DJ's and party people have been all anticipating, that this party will be like the Green Door has never seen before!
Let's bring our great spirit and make this spectacular event together. On top of the amazing DJ talent we have great singers and artists joining us to make this a PROPER one!!!!!
Green Door
429 Ivar Avenue
Hollywood, CA

Tomorrow, December 20, Green Door will turn red from the energy that the EC Twins are going to release there. Martin SKY will make sure that you are ready for it. DJ Angeline (pictured above and below) and DJ DMorse will keep you moving on the patio.

On top of great DJ talent Martin SKY is bringing you Tina McDowelle to enhance his mix with her wonderful voice. It will be indeed magical.

And here is the line-up, so you wouldn't miss any of it))))))
It will be amazing to share this night with you.
Big Love ♥ ♥ ♥
(DJ Angie Angeline)


VicenteIII said...

Hey, do you have any Idea of Angeline contact or manager, I need to boo her for mexico city!!!


Arnaldo DeSouteiro said...