Thursday, December 10, 2009

Obama: A card for Sens. Feinstein & Boxer

"Dear Arnaldo:

Our records show that you currently live in California's 30th congressional district.

This year, when you're writing holiday cards to your friends and loved ones, there are two more people who need to hear from you: Senator Barbara Boxer and Senator Dianne Feinstein.With the Senate deep in final negotiations -- and a compromise just introduced that increases choice and drives costs down -- your senators need to understand how urgent reform really is. So we've come up with a unique way for you to get the message across -- by sending your senators a card with your holiday wish for the season.

Send a holiday card to your senators, telling them that your wish this season is for them to pass health insurance reform.

Since the full Senate began debating reform just over two weeks ago, approximately 224,000 Americans have lost their health insurance, while spiraling costs have forced countless more into bankruptcy or foreclosure. That's a big number -- it's as many people as live in a city like Baton Rouge, and more than live in Reno. This crisis affects everyone in our community. It could be a father down the street who now won't be able to pay for care when his son breaks his leg playing soccer, or a daughter who must watch helplessly as her newly-uninsured mother gets a breast cancer diagnosis she can't afford to treat.

Every day brings thousands more stories of heartbreak and struggle that just shouldn't be in a nation as blessed as ours. So please take a moment to cut through the noise in D.C. with your simple holiday wish: affordable, quality health care for every American family.

Send your holiday card for health reform today:


Mitch Stewart
Director -Organizing for America"

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