Monday, December 7, 2009

"Consciousness 2.0" - Free Mondays in LA

Consciousness 2.0 - Free Mondays
Public seminar on this soul shaking system
December 7 at 6pm @ Modern Yogi Headquarters
9701 Venice Blvd
Los Angeles, CA

Consciousness 2.0 is the bridge between our current consciousness and our original consciousness, which always resides in the here and now. Consciousness 2.0 is a new and different route back to living in the present. It is based on a more open-ended spiritual philosophy than the soon to become passé we are all one. It is comprised of a few startling, yet accessible practices. What make these practices even more exceptional is that they are only brand new to us, their origins trace back to the recently rediscovered and timeless wisdom of the Vedas.

The Vedas (the Eastern philosophical source for yoga and meditation) offer a rich and dynamic array of tools and ideas for growing consciousness. More than any one person could take advantage of in a very long lifetime. Consequently, the idea, according to the Vedas, is that you use these tools according to time and circumstance.

In these times we need a philosophy and a practice that opens us up as humans to more than just what is possible. We need to be open to the magic and mystery of Spirit. We each need to find our unique and individual connection to God. After all, our relationship with God can only be ‘God as we understand him or her.’ But the starting point should not be a limiting vision, such as “we are God” or “we are all one”, or any of these tempting half truths implying God has less or is less than us.

It is time to rise above limiting notions like, “We are all God”. Not only does this reduce God to our level it destroys all hope of humility. It also puts a damper on mystery, and even sadder, on our ability to have spiritual relationships. Relationships are at the very core of our nature as spirit-souls. And without differentiation at the level of spirit how can there be relationship?

Consciousness 2.0 changes the deep structures of dysfunction -

This is not a change your thinking and everything will be ok program. Our thoughts are not our problem or the solution to our difficulties in life. Our thoughts are the symptoms of our consciousness. They are an ever shifting facade that hints at what is going on and who we are at far deeper levels. Out present consciousness is borne of lifetimes of activity and is anchored in dark and long forgotten subterranean corridors of our being, deeper even than our hearts. This is where this program begins its work. This is a change your life opportunity.

Please join me at this weekly seminar - it is a extension of what we do in Consciousness 2.0 3-day workshop and is going to feed your hungry spirit whether you have been to the weekend event or not.

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