Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New Spiritual Events next week in the LA Area

Spiritual Events next week in the LA Area
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* Loves to Dance!
* A celebration of the feminine
* Psychic Development Workshop
* Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) Advanced Training
* Community Drumming with Fitzcarmel Lamarre
* Happy Sun Qigong Class
* Sedona Method Introduction

* Special Healing & Protection Techniques: To Help You Survive the Coming Earth Changes

* Hiking in Nature
* Book Signing Lisa Williams - Venice
* Victorian Glass Seance
* Dynamic Flow Yoga
* Happy Sun Qigong at Echo Lake
* Qigong at Echo Lake
* Energy Management In Everyday Life
* Divine Reiki Circle
* Qigong with Dao Yin and Taoist Stretching : 3 Levels per this 15 Week Series
* A Spiritual Course of Awakening - A Free Evening of Orientation to Kryonschool

* Holiday Creative Art Class -- Ornament Making
* Connecting with Your Higher Self
* Byron Katie - Intro Inquiry Circle
* Past Life / Hypnotherapy Circle
* Angelic Healing Circle

* Level One Reiki Class
* Usui Reiki Master Class

* Book Signing "Lisa William's : Life Among The Dead"
* The Faerie Realm
* "Discover Your Authentic Lover" Workshop w/ Patricia Kingery
* Book Signing w/ Randy Rogers "The Key of Life"
* Lecture/Meeting Heart Centered Speakers
* Book Signing and Discussion w/ Celeste Yarnall
* Workshop w/ Bea Ammidown "Yoga & the Writing Muse"
* dynamic Flow Yoga

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