Thursday, December 17, 2009

R.I.P.: Juquinha Stockler

Born João Baptista Stockler Pimentel in 1930, Juquinha passed away yesterday in his native city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. One of the first bossa nova drummers, he performed in such legendary albums as "Canção do Amor Demais" (Elizeth Cardoso) and "Chega de Saudade", the debut solo LP of João Gilberto, on which he played alongside three other great percussionists: Milton Banana, Rubens Bassini and Guarany. Both were recorded in 1958.

Juquinha was also the drummer in the original soundtracks of both the "Orfeu da Conceição" stage play and the "Orfeu do Carnaval" (Black Orpheus) movie, as well as in all tracks of Eumir Deodato's debut album as a leader, "Inútil Paisagem," produced by Roberto Quartin in 1964 for Wadi Gebara's Forma label. Arnaldo DeSouteiro produced the first authorized CD reissue of "Inútil Paisagem," digitally remastered in 1998 from the original two-track master tapes and released on DeSouteiro's JSR label, being distributed all over the world by Universal. "Juquinha played brushes in a phone book looking for a very soft sound," explains Deodato.
He also recorded with Antonio Carlos Jobim (with whom he co-wrote the song "Faz Uma Semana," originally recorded by Ernani Filho in 1953 on the Sinter label), Waldir Azevedo (the famous original version of "Brasileirinho"), Roberto Menescal ("as the uncredited drummer of several tracks from Menescal's first album for Elenco," states his protégé João Palma, the official member of Menescal's first group at that time), Lucio Alves (on the "Balançamba" album, actually a Menescal Songbook), Sylvia Telles, Billy Blanco, Luiz Bonfá, Carlos Lyra, Dalva de Oliveira, Dorival Caymmi, Marcos Valle (on his debut LP, "Samba Demais"), Dóris Monteiro, Cartola, Claudette Soares, Agnaldo Timóteo, Elis Regina, Beth Carvalho, Elza Soares, Paulinho da Viola (in many albums for the Odeon label during the 70s), Clara Nunes and Martinho da Vila, besides his work as a member of the orchestras led by Roberto Inglez and Noro Morales. Juquinha performed with several foreign artists who toured Brazil during the 50s, 60s and 70s: Nat King Cole, Roy Hamilton, Billy Eckstine, Teddy Randazo, Paul Anka, Lucho Gatica, Sarita Montiel, Armando Manzanero and Gregorio Barrios, amongst others.

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Verônica Pimentel said...

My grandfather, miss him!

tom ho said...

Hello Vêronica,
I've just read the comment you did about your grandfather on the De souteiro's blog, some time ago.
I've been working on a book about Drummers of the Bossa nova years, for a pretty long time, and it will be printed very soon.
Your grandfather is one of the seven musicians I chose, but I have no good photo picturing him in those years( about 1958 to 1975).
I'm wondering if you could supply one or two of them, so the readers could discover the face of the great drummer he was.
Of course,I'll be pleased to send you a copy of the book.
I'm living in Paris (France), so you can write me in French if it's easier for you!
Best regards. Daniel.