Friday, March 6, 2009

DVD of the Day - "Rush: Snakes & Arrows - Live"

DVD of the Day
Rush: "Snakes & Arrows - Live" (Eagle Vision/ST2) 2009

Despite the level of excellence of all the material in this deluxe 3-disc set, easily one of the best rock DVDs ever released, my personal favorite moment is Neil Peart's stunning drum solo on "De Slagwerker," including a vibrant homage to his main idol, jazz icon Buddy Rich.
Filmed over two performances in Rotterdam, Holland in October of 2007, Rush's new DVD "Snakes & Arrows - Live" captures the legendary band in peak form, performing classic Rush material and nine new songs from their critically acclaimed 2007 CD "Snakes & Arrows." The 2-disc concert DVD is presented in both 5.1 audio and stereo, and also included is a bonus disc (titled "Oh, Atlanta! The Authorized Bootlegs") of four songs added for their 2008 American tour, including "Ghost of a Chance," filmed here for the first time. The camera work is stellar, with a good mix of closeups, medium range, and whole stage shots.
Since the release of their eponymous first LP in 1974, Rush has continually expanded the definition of "progressive power trio." Guitarist Alex Lifeson, bassist/keyboardist/vocalist Geddy Lee and drummer/lyricist Neil Peart combine dazzling virtuosity, laser-beam intensity and unbridled creativity to create a cohesive whole that's infinitely greater than its parts. The Toronto-based group has become one of Canada's leading exports, with a catalog of genre-defining releases including "2112," "Permanent Waves," "Moving Pictures," "Vapour Trails" and "Snakes & Arrows" and a live show which combines musicianship, showmanship and multi-media effects that engage all the senses. Following their previous best-selling DVDs "Rush in Rio" and "R30, Snakes & Arrows - Live" presents a band not resting on its considerable laurels but still earning its reputation as one of the world's best live bands - one night at a time.

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