Sunday, March 1, 2009

CD of the Month - "Nicolas Thys: Virgo"

CD of the Month
Nicolas Thys: "Virgo" (Pirouet) 2009

Featuring: Nicolas Thys (acoustic bass), Chris Cheek (tenor sax), Jon Cowherd (acoustic piano),
Dan Rieser (drums) & Ryan Scott (electric guitar)

Born in 1968, the Belgian Nicolas Thys is a much sought-after sideman, whether it be in his home city of Brussels, or during the eight years (1999-2007) that he lived in New York City. For this CD, recorded in May 2008 at (Tony) Bennett Studios, in New Jersey, he has put together an exciting quintet, and composed six intriguing originals ("G Brazil" among them) for this session. Pirouet listeners will recognise Thys from his work with Bill Carrothers, Walter Lang and Jason Seizer. He has worked with musicians and groups spanning a variety of styles, including Mal Waldron, Zap Mama, Lee Konitz, and Brazilian Girls. Thys knows many musical worlds from the inside-out, and elements from these worlds flow finely back into his music.
"Virgo" is full of incredibly sensuous sounds, constantly challenging the intellect. With an enthralling, mesmerizing intensity and a lot of soul, the music bundles together an immense richness of colours and impressions. Lyrical melodic magic that leaves fluorescent traces in the memory, instead of the usual "depressive" mood found on most of the jazz releases from European labels.

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RHunter said...

Hi All,

While I don't know a ton about jazz, I was browsing in a Tokyo record store and whilst looking for something by Kenny Garrett, Virgo was playing...I opted for this album doesn't seem to have a bad note on it.
I am really enjoying the CD.