Monday, November 17, 2008

CD of the Day - "Freddie Hubbard: Sky Dive Live"

CD of the Day
Freddie Hubbard: "Sky Dive Live in 1973" (CTI) 2008

Once in a while, previously unreleased live sessions cut by great jazzmen when they were part of the stellar CTI cast of the 70s, arrive in the Asian market. After Joe Farrell's superb "Hurricane Joe!", from the same year comes Freddie Hubbard's "Sky Dive Live in 1973". Backed by Hubbard's touring band of the time (pianist George Cables, bassist Ken Brinkley, drummer Ralph Penland and Junior Cook on tenor sax & flute), which recorded the CTI album "Keep Your Soul Together" that same year, the highly influential trumpet & flugelhorn player performs outstanding versions of songs from his Creed Taylor-produced dates: the title track from "Sky Dive", "Here's That Rainy Day" (from "Straight Life"), "Spirits of Trane" (from "Keep Your Soul Together") and the medley of Paul & Linda McCartney's "Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey" (originally recorded on the Grammy-winning "First Light").
Hubbard's fans will be delighted to compare these live versions with the original studio cuts.

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