Monday, November 24, 2008

Arnaldo DeSouteiro's compilations in France

Livres, DVD, CD de Nara Leao Bossa Nova Singers, Compilation. Editeur : Universal Jazz - Collection : Jazzclub - Date : 28/01/2008. Acheter Neuf 6,84 €. Musique ...
"Bossa Nova Singers" (featuring Nara Leão and João Gilberto), "Do It Again: The Fantastic Jazz Funk of Eumir Deodato" and "Summer in the City: The Soul Jazz Grooves of Quincy Jones" - three compilations produced by Arnaldo DeSouteiro for the Verve Music Group in 2007 - were released in France in January 2008 by Universal Jazz and are now available also through
To order, please click on the links below:,8288918.aspx,8288924.aspx

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