Thursday, May 22, 2008

Win "The Anthology" Before You Can Buy It! is the only place you can win a copy of "The Anthology" before it is available to the public. This new collection has twenty classic RTF songs, newly remixed and remastered from the original session tapes. Simply answer the trivia question and email the answer to
The question is:
"What is the name of the Return to Forever album that was released in 1974?"
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Available May 27, 2008

Never before has the classic Electric-era music of this iconic band received the premium treatment as heard on The Anthology. Newly remixed and remastered in digital precision with handcrafted care and from the original master tapes this collection reveals in stunning new clarity the second incarnation of the band that helped launch a musical movement. Return To Forever personally selected tunes from "Hymn of the Seventh Galaxy", "Where Have I Known You Before", "No Mystery" and "Romantic Warrior" and oversaw the remix of Grammy-winning engineer Mick Guzauski. The two-disc set features new, expansive liner notes, personal recollections from each member of the band and a host of rare unseen photos. Over two hours of crystalline, powerful music from the band that defined jazz-rock fusion – like you’ve never heard it before!

Disc One
1. Hymn of the Seventh Galaxy
2. After the Cosmic Rain
3. Captain Señor Mouse
4. Theme to the Mothership
5. Space Circus Part I & II
6. The Game Maker
7. Vulcan Worlds
8. The Shadow of Lo
9. Beyond the Seventh Galaxy
10. Song to the Pharaoh Kings

Disc Two
1. Dayride
2. Sofistifunk
3. No Mystery
4. Celebration Suite Part I & II
5. Medieval Overture
6. Sorceress
7. The Romantic Warrior
8. Majestic Dance
9. The Magician
10. Duel of the Jester & the Tyrant Part I & II

Listen to clips from all 20 of the newly remixed and remastered tracks on the RTF Radio!

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