Thursday, May 22, 2008

"Cilibrinas do Eden" released in UK!

Cilibrinas do Eden (No Smoke) 2008

Whoa! Where did this one come from?? An album's worth of totally awesome unreleased material from Rita Lee of Os Mutantes recorded for Philips in 1973! Featuring "Bad Trip (Ainda Bem") and "Gente Fina é Outra Coisa".
Cilibrinas do Eden consisted of Rita and her friend/percussionist/vocalist/composer Lucia Turnbull -- backed by the rest of Mutantes supposedly -- and these ten songs mix that band's psychedelic leanings with crazy Moog freakouts and straight up rock n roll that echoes of the Beatles and T. Rex. It's really hard to believe this material has been existed in complete obscurity for so long, as it ranks way up there with some of the best Mutantes stuff (and as a bonus, you get two great Mutantes outtakes). Limited to 500 copies so don't snooze on this genius.

Available at "Other Music" in NYC
15 East 4th StreetNew York, NY 10003
Phone orders are accepted at (212) 477-8150 (ext. #2, mailorder) Mon-Fri, Noon - 7pm EST

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