Monday, May 19, 2008

Upcoming reissues on Universal

These rare albums, all longtime out-of-print and regarded as cult items among jazz & Brazilian music collectors from all over the world, will be finally released on CD format, on June 4 in Asia by Universal.
Bola Sete: "Workin' On A Groovy Thing" (Paramount) 1971
Featuring: José Marino, Claudio Slon and Frank Obligacion, plus strings & horns arranged by Milt Rogers. Produced by Tom Mack, it's an "easy-listening" project with two original songs by the Brazilian guitarist ("Tuei" and "Bettina", Mauricio Figueiredo's favorite), and many covers of pop hits by the Beatles, Laura Nyro, Joni Mitchell, Harry Nilsson, Stephen Stills, Bobby Russell and Neil Sedaka's title track.

Lindolpho Gaya & Rogerio Duprat: "Os Maestros Premiados" (Philips) 1968
The most awarded maestros of the Brazilian music festivals in the 60s were invited to share an album showcasing their skills. Each one contributed with six scores. Gaya is on Side A revisiting "Carolina", "Margarida", "Travessia", "São os do Norte Que Vem", "Fuga e Antifuga" and "O Sim Pelo Não". Duprat conducts "Ponteio", "Gabriela", "Roda-Viva", and the Tropicalia anthems "Alegria, Alegria" and "Domingo no Parque".

José Roberto Bertrami: "Organ Sound, Um Novo Estilo" (Polydor) 1970
After the short-lived Projecto III and before Azymuth, Bertrami cut this solo album in a "lounge" mood. Featuring: Jonas Damasceno (Joninhas), Ivan Conti (Mamão), Luiz Carlos Siqueira - all from "The Youngsters" band - plus the late Gegê on drums and Sergio Barroso on bass. The opening track, "Aventura", adopted as the main theme of a TV program in Japan last year, was just re-recorded last February for his forthcoming album on Joe Davis' Far Out label. "Organ Sound" also includes such Bertrami's originals as "Samanta" plus remakes of "Diamante Cor de Rosa", "The Rapper", "Always Something There To Remind Me" and "Airport Love Theme", a tune he had recorded that same year with Gaya for a very interesting album on the London label.

Célia Vaz: "Mutação" (Philips, part of the "MPBC" series) 1981

Pat Metheny guests on the title track! Also featuring Pascoal Meirelles, Victor Biglione, Jamil Joanes, Luizão Maia, Marcos Resende, J.T. Meirelles, Carlos David Sion, Claudio Caribé and Ricardo Silveira, it's Vaz's best album ever! Recorded by the legendary engineer João Moreira.

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