Friday, May 30, 2008

Vinyl of the Day - "Fabio Fonseca"

Vinyl of the Day
Fabio Fonseca: "Fabio Fonseca" (WEA) 1988
The forgotten (and never reissued) debut solo album by one of Brazil's top arrangers, keyboardists and producers.
Featuring: Marcio Montarroyos, Armando Marçal, Marcos Lobato, Leo Gandelman, Nacho Mena, Liminha, Herbert Vianna, Serginho Trombone, co-producer João Barone, strings arranger Eduardo Souto Neto, Bidinho, Don Harris, Paul Lieberman (who used to play with Flora & Airto but decided to make Rio his home and later gave up his musical career), Zé Carlos Bigorna, Marcio Mallard, famous strings concertmaster Giancarlo Pareschi, the late Paschoal Perrota and dozens of other Rio studio cats.