Monday, July 20, 2009

The unbelievable Jeff Beck @ Miles Davis Hall

John McLaughlin is the undisputed fusion guitar genius. Al DiMeola is the fastest gun in the jazz-rock. Jim Hall, the incomparable master of lyricism and subtlety. But Geoffrey Arnold "Jeff" Beck (born June 24, 1944) ... man, what the f*** is Jeff Beck? This guitar god is out of this world!
On our way to the Miles Davis Hall, we already could feel the mystical mood of the night, the reverence of the audience.
When we entered the Hall, and Beck appeared on the stage, we could feel his mystical aura.
The unbelievable Vinnie Colaiuta, the unbelievable Jeff Beck and the unbelievable "Lovely Princess of the Electric Bass" Tal Wilkenfeld delivered glorious (furious and delicate at the same time) & magical sounds in a mesmerizing & UNBELIEVABLE set.

Thanks to Claude Nobs, Lisa Marie, Daniel Ballard & the lovely Severine Ferrer for all your invaluable help, kindness & hospitality @ the Montreux Jazz Festival

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Unknown said...

Jeff Beck é um daqueles magos da música que consegue extrair sentimentos em melodias simples porém abstratas. Seu timbre foi cuidadosamente construído ao longo dos anos e mostra que, como um vinho de excelente safra, a idade é apenas sinal de poesia...
Peace .:.