Monday, July 6, 2009

ABYSSjazz Magazine Back Online Soon

Note from ABYSSjazz...

"Old things pass away, making a place for new and exciting additions to our lives, if we are open and receptive to change. With each moment we are given opportunities to do it again, flip the script, or delete whatever no longer serves us or has failed to produce the outcomes we desire. Change is a powerful energy source. It is as constant as the sun's ritual of rising in the east and the setting in the west. When we make change our friend, we will never become stagnant or stale. Change, guided by choice, can influence how this energy force will flow in our lives.

And in the spirit of change, we too have moved forward. With a clearer voice and a more defined purpose, we have discarded what no longer served us, and brought forth the name that manifested our intentions and said who we were for five years, ABYSSJazz Magazine, the depth of jazz language, and the full expression of a diverse genre of American music.

Not to worry, change is good; it is the fuel that makes our engine go. Change motivated us to revise how we presented what you have come to depend on from us, jazz and along the way, soul and R&B. So sit back and relax as you view ABYSSjazz Online. Check out what's happening in your neck of the woods and around the world in what? Jazz! We continue to do it all for you."

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