Monday, September 8, 2008

Scientology news

However, the biggest news within the Scientology community itself is without a doubt, The Basics books & lectures by L. Ron Hubbard, the greatest inspiration and a guiding force on Chick Corea's career for over three decades. Over 100,000 Scientologists are now enrolled on Basics courses world over, studying in local churches of Scientology as well as at home on The Extension Course. Students enrolled on these courses are getting an education which is integral to being a Scientologist. One after the next, they are exclaiming how quickly and easily they move through their studies, as they are now studying the materials in sequence, with each book and each lecture building on the next, adding vital data to life.
No matter if you live close to a Church of Scientology, or far away, you can easily get started on your first Scientology Extension Course today.
Simply get your first book with its Extension Course from the website, and we will get you rapidly started. Then, when you're enrolled, you will receive your Extension Course Welcome Kit, along with your course pack. A veritable toolkit for your journey, it includes: Special instructions that describe the procedure for doing The Extension Course / Your own Materials Guide Chart / Your Golden Age of Knowledge Extension Course Student Card /A log book to keep track of your progress through The Basics /A special bookmark to keep your place in your book. Click here for more information on the The Extension Course, and to sign-up on-line.

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