Saturday, August 9, 2008

New jazz educational releases

New Jazz Educational Releases
From Sound Visions Media
Downloadable Jazz Sing-A-Long Tracks
2 CD Set

Finally a sing-a-long recording that provides:

·A real jazz rhythm section
·In the style of 7 standard jazz tunes
·6 different keys to choose from!!!
·Intros and endings
·Chord changes only with room to solo
·Arranged in traditional settings
·Provides a realistic idea of typical performance

Singers can purchase the key that best suits their range or work in several different key changes
Perfect for vocal teachers or combo leaders to help students sing in a comfortable vocal range
Available as a download only at:
CD Baby
and Sound Visions Media
Interactive 2 CD-ROM Software & 40 Video Segments
by John Stowell

Jazz chord melody may very well be the most challenging of all guitar styles to truly master. Players must develop right-hand thumb and finger independence, a robust vocabulary of jazz voicings, a strong sense of melody and and arranger's feel for composition. And these are just the fundamentals. Once you have the "easy" stuff down, it's all about groove, arrangement, performance and improvisation.

Modern Chord Melody takes the student beyond conventional harmony and chords by introducing a broader, more contemporary palette of voicings, shapes and single note ideas. Taught by guitar master and clinician, John Stowell, who is well known for his innovative chord voicings and unique style having shared the stage with David Friesen, Paul Horn, Milt Jackson, Lionel Hampton, Art Farmer, Conte Condoli, Herb Ellis, Bill Watrous, Mundell Lowe, George Cables, Billy Higgins, Billy Hart, Richie Cole, Tom Harrrell, Don Thompson, Dave Liebman, and many others. Stowell beckons students to think out of the box, to create and visualize new shapes and sounds on the instrument. John also demonstrates a series of new inversions, which can be readily employed in accompaniments and compositions, and may also serve as templates on the neck to generate unusual and original sounding melodies and motifs.

Modern Chord Melody is optimized for solid intermediate to advanced players and is presented across 2 interactive video CD-ROMS (Windows and Mac compatible), and features 40 full-length video lessons, text overviews, standard notation and interactive Power Tab so you can "see" and "hear" the tab and notation played out at any tempo, without a change in pitch.

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