Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Single of the Day - "Azimuth: Grupo Seleção"

Single of the Day
Grupo Seleção (aka Azimuth): "4 Sucessos Vol.2" (Polydor) 1972

One of those mythical US$200 records... actually, it was sold on Ebay by US$237.15!!!
Recorded by José Roberto Bertrami (keyboards & vocals), Alex Malheiros (electric bass & lead vocals), Ivan Conti (aka Mamão on drums & percussion) before they adopted the Azimuth name (later Azymuth) and after their other efforts under the names of Projecto III, Apolo IV and Alan & His Orchestra.
Singer Fabiola joins the group in a couple of tracks from this single, which also includes a large orchestra but without losing the typical funky grooves.
It's so rare that not even the Azymuth members own copies!
The above cover was signed by Bertrami and Malheiros to Arnaldo DeSouteiro.

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