Saturday, February 14, 2009

CD of the Day - "Gerry Niewood: Share My Dream"

CD of the Day
Gerry Niewood: "Share My Dream" (DMP) 1985

Niewood's third solo album, and the first one originally released on CD format, "Share My Dream" was produced by Niewood and sound engineer Tom Jung, the founder of the DMP label, who sent me this CD soon after its release (my review appeared on the "Tribuna da Imprensa" newspaper back then).
13 delightful tracks composed by Gerry, featuring the leader mostly on soprano sax and flutes, surrounded by the likes of Michel Camilo (piano & the then fashionable Yamaha DX-7 synthesizer), Jay Leonhart (acoustic bass), Wayne Pedziwiatr (electric bass), Dave Weckl (drums), Jim Saporito (percussion) and Joe Beck (electric guitar).
Recorded direct-to-digital by Tom Jung using the Mitsubishi X-80 digital recorder at A&R Studio A-1 (New York, NY) on February 29 & March 1st, 1984, and at Minot Sound (White Plains, NY) on January 7, 1985.

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