Wednesday, February 4, 2009

EP of the Day - "Lalo Schifron: Jaws Remix"

12" EP of the Day
"Lalo Schifrin - Special Club Disco Mix" (CTI) 1976

The first CTI remix ever!
Produced by Creed Taylor
Arranged & Conducted by Lalo Schifrin
A "Special Club - Disco Mix Long Cut" featuring Lalo's massive version of John Williams' main theme for the motion picture "Jaws"
This remix of "Jaws", intended to the European dancefloor market during the disco-music heyday, is 8:15 minute long, while the original version included on the "Black Widow" LP lasts only 5:48
Side B includes the original mixes of two other tracks from that same album: "Turning Point" and "Flamingo"
Featuring: Anthony Jackson, Clark Spangler, Andy Newmark, Don Alias, Sue Evans, Eric Gale, John Tropea, Joe Farrell, Jon Faddis, Hubert Laws, Jerry Dodgion, Pepper Adams, Barry Rogers, Wayne Andre et al.

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