Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Book of the Month - "Cancioneiro Moacir Santos / Ouro Negro"

Book of the Month
"Cancioneiro Moacir Santos - Ouro Negro" (Jobim Music/Adnet Música)

Conception: Mario Adnet & Zé Nogueira
General Coordination: Mariza Adnet
Musical Scores Layout and Music Revision: Ricardo Grilli
Graphic Design: Elaine Canetti Jobim & Renata Ratto
Text: Hugo Sukman
English Translation: Rosana Ferrão
Iconographic Research: Antonio Venancio

Cover Photo and b/w Photos: Jeferson Melo
Color Photos: Guto Costa
Editorial Production: Inês Adnet, Joana Adnet, Luciana Palhares & Sol Mendonça
Graphic Production: José Flavio Chaves

A highly recommended Moacir Santos Songbook, a labor of love and an Herculean work put together by Mario Adnet & Zé Nogueira in a tribute to one of all-time greatest composers/arrangers of the world (as well as one of the best baritone sax players.)

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