Tuesday, September 14, 2010

DVD of the Week - "Wes Montgomery: All Stars/Hamburg 1965"

DVD of the Week
Wes Montgomery: "All Stars / Live in Hamburg 1965" (Jazz Shots) 2010

Part 1 - "Wes Montgomery All Stars"
TV Broadcast, Hamburg, Germany, April 28, 1965
Five tracks featuring: Johnny Griffin, Ronnie Scott, Hans Koller, Ronnie Ross, Martial Solal, Michel Gaudry & Ronnie Stephenson
Part 2 - "Wes Montgomery Quartet"
TV Broadcast, London, UK, March 25, 1965
Seven tracks featuring: Harold Mabern, Arthur Harper & Jimmy Lovelace
Part 3 - "Windy"
TV Broadcast (the "Hollywood Palace" show, hosted by Herb Alpert), Los Angeles, CA, USA, July 1967, with studio orchestra arranged by Don Sebesky

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