Friday, January 1, 2010

Vocal CD of the Month - "Amanda Carr & Kenny Hadley: Common Thread"

Vocal CD of the Month
Amanda Carr and the Kenny Hadley Big Band: "Common Thread" (OMS)

Arranged by Richard Lowell, Bob Freedman, Rick Hammett, Adi Yeshaya, Andy Farber.
Featuring: Mark Pinto, Marc Phaneuf, Jon Garniss, John Wilkins, Pat Stout, Arnie Krakowsky, Jeff Galindo, Jerry Vejmola, Rick Hammett, Bronek Suchanek and, of course, Kenny Hadley on drums.
Highlights: "How Am I To Know," "The End of A Love Affair," "There's A Small Hotel," "The Song Is Ended" and "Time On My Hands."

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