Saturday, January 2, 2010

Miss Key Modeling Competition

From January 4 to May 3, 2010


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Competition sign up begins January 1, 2010.

This is a promotional model contest for is looking for one model from each city listed on the tabbed list on

Prizes will remain unannounced until we determine the amount of competitors we will have. The more competitors we have, the more prizes we will be awarded! Please invite every girl you know! will be matching the prize pool and donating the same amount as the prizes to the charity of each winner’s choice.

To compete in the Miss Keys Competition you must be:
1- Female
2- Over the age of 18
3- Be a resident within the greater metro area of The City Key you are competing for. Proof of residence will be needed.
4- Upload a photo of yourself. Any photo is good, professional photos are better. No nude please.
5- Pick a charity to support and explain why.
6- Fill out a brief stat sheet
7- Submit all the information
8- Get everyone you know to vote every day for your photo.
How the Competition Will Work

Each contestant will get a page on with their photo and statistics. On each person’s page there will also be a “vote” button. Once everything has been submitted and uploaded, the page will be live and available for the world to vote.

Anyone can vote – voters will not have to be members of in order to cast their vote and show their support.

The girl after July 1st with the most votes per city will win 2010 Miss “Miami” Key.

The main purpose of this contest is to find one girl from each city to be the face of in that city for one year. The Miss Key from each city will be used as the model in the promotional flyer that will be distributed through your city. There will be 50k of these flyers, each flyer will be valid for one use for any discounts listed on my site. The store owners will be recirculating these flyers to friends-family-coworkers-customers-ect, so the 50k flyers will continue to cycle for the whole year. Great local exposure for you, plus a targeted face for me (people will see the flyer and say hey! she went to my high school, or lived on my block as a kid, ect).

There is also going to be a cash prize also for each Miss Key. It will probably end up being something like $10 for each competitor in each city. So if Tampa has 10 girls, you’ll be competing for 100 bucks. If Miami has 100, they will be competing for $1000. The same amount of the cash prize will be donated to the charity of each Miss Keys choice.

Then only Miss Keys will compete against each other only for the last 6 months of the year. The girl with the most votes at the end of the year will win the title 2010 Miss Key. Plus she will win the grand prize, which will probably be $10 per competitor in the whole competition. So if 1000 girls enter, the grand prize will be $10,000. Plus the same number of cash prize will be donated to the charity of Miss Keys choice.

She will also be used as the model in the header of the 2011 competition website.

And the grand prize will be The Diamond Key. Whatever city wins, I will take the mold of that City Key and it will be made into a real gold key accented with diamond. Each year will be a different design, so this will be a one of a kind prize.

And thats the contest in a summary. Directed by Steve “Key” Zukowski - Owner,

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