Friday, January 1, 2010

"Swing Journal" - January 2010

Cover: Miles Davis Part.1
Bud Powell Discography
The presents from Eddie Higgins
The best shot of Jazz Giants: Jazz Scene on Blue Note
Sonny Rollins/John Coltrane/Horace Silver/Art Blakey etc
Serial: Jazz Masterpieces Story - Creed Taylor's CTI Records
Remarkable Artists & Jazz Label from New York
Aaron Hake & Bill Ware
2009 Jazz Disc Award Nominees
Let's Dig The Re-Issued Discs
New Serial: Chihiro Yamanaka's "Day by Day"
Serial: Yasukuni Terashima's Jazz Lounge
60th Swing Journal Japanese Jazzmen Readers Poll 2009 Starts!
Hot News: Overseas
New York Jazz Monthly
Hot News: Domestic
Jazz on air(Jazz programs on TV/FM/AM/CATV/CS)
New Year Jazz Quiz
The Monthly Disc Review
Top Chart
SJ Gold Disc of This Month
Import Discs
New Discs Release Information
SJ Gold Disc Preview: "The Beatles in Jazz/Romantic Jazz Trio "
The story of the birth of masterpieces on Blue Note by Bobby Hutcherson
The temptation of Korean voice-Woong San
John Coltrane Tribute live at Village Vanguard & Birdland
Here Comes New Masterpieces
What's up now!
SJ focus
Readers Plaza: Jazz Spot Pilgrimage Returns / Readers / Jazz Allnighters By Tatsuo Sunaga / Jazz West Coast
Swing Street: Yozo Iwanami / Music / Movie/ Study
Live Report
Comin' Soon!
Live & Jazz Spot Guide
Jazz Sound & Visual
Generate electricity with an outlet-Phono EQ
SJ New Products Selections
The background of a birth of ultimate disc player-TAD-D600
BOSE remarkable new models
Listening jazz with AET plug
Audio & Home Theater Show in AKIBA 2009
New Component Test Report
A&AV tpics
Sound Quality Of New Discs

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