Saturday, January 23, 2010

Spiritual Events next week in the LA Area

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* Meditation 101 by Mark Jacobs & Harpist, Aedan MacDonnell
* Magickal Workshop: The Love Spell
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* Workshop w/ Peter Sterling "Man, Music and The Merkaba"
* "Man, Music and The Merkaba" Workshop w/ Peter Sterling
* Essential Herbs for your health
* "Where Do We Go From Here" Book Signing w/ Patricia Bonelli
* Eckhart Tolle Silent Group
* Become a Psychic Spiritual Healer ~ Healings to Everyone in Attendance ~
* Reiki Practitioner Night with Living Light Reiki Master Marla Mervis
* Living in Freedom... with Jim Dreaver
* Spirit Salon
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* Work of Byron Katie Inquiry Circle
* Dream Interpretation Circle
* Psychic Faire
* FULL MOON Alchemy Sweat
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* Level 2 Reiki Class
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* Experience an Angelic Vortex of Love and Transformation
* Sunday Celebration Services - Temple of Light Spiritual Community
* Steven Farmer Earth Magic and Soul Healing
* Christ Centered Christianity Original Gnostic, Mystic and Esoteric Christian Principles
* The Second Coming of Christ: The Resurrection of the Christ Within You
* A Course in Miracles Support Group
* Theta Healing Basic DNA 1 & 2
* Universal Healing Touch-Level 1 Certification Course
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* Miracles Circle

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