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CD of the Day - "Street Angels"

CD of the Day
"Street Angels" (Mr. Bongo CD STA1/MRBCD016) 1999

A benefit album for the street children of Brazil
Produced by Arnaldo DeSouteiro for Mr. Bongo

Liner notes from the back cover:
This is a benefit recording for the AMADA Project in Itapuã, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. All recordings are exclusive to this album and have been donated by the artists.
In northeast Brazil, more than 77% of the population live below the poverty line. 30% of children below the age of five suffer from malnutrition and 2 million children receive no education.
These children also face the threat of execution at the hands of hired killers and policemen.
Amnesty International lists street execution as the third largest cause of death for Brazilian children.

1. Danilo Caymmi & Marcelo Salazar: "Street Angels" (Marcelo Salazar/Danilo Caymmi)
2. José Carlos Ramos: "Porangaba" (J.C. Ramos/Fernando Moraes)
3. Clave de Soul: "Think About the Children" (Gerson King Combo/Clave de Soul/Mr. Bongo)
4. Joyce: "Maracangalha" (Dorival Caymmi)
5. Otto: "O Celular de Nanã" (Otto)
6. Filhos do Capoeira: "Capoeira Um" (DR)
7. Ithamara Koorax: "Cala Boca Menino" (Dorival Caymmi)
8. Batucada Groove: "Brazilian Grace" (Marcelinho DaLua/Marcelo Salazar)
9. Dom Um Romão: "Sem Terra" - Ben Mitchell Remix (Dom Um Romão)
10. Pingarilho: "Samba Tempo" (Carlos Pingarilho/Marcos Vasconcelos)
11. Ile Aye: "Batmacumba" (Gilberto Gil)
12. Arakatuba & Fila Brazilia: "Sócrates" (Arakatuba)
13. Luiz Bonfá & Lord K: "Strange Messages" - Mad Monkey Mix (Luiz Bonfá/Lord K/Teddy Kumpel)
14. Billie Godfrey featuring Mr. Hermano Band: "Where Are We Gonna Go?" (Ben Mitchell/Billie Godfrey)

Credits (in alphabetical order):
Nelson Ângelo - Arranger, Keyboards
Apollo 9 - Producer
Arakatuba - Performer
Ile Aye - Performer
Mick Ball - Trumpet
Toninho Barbosa - Recorder, Co-Producer, Mixing
Paulinho Black - Drums
Luiz Bonfá - Guitar (Electric)
João Carlos - Cello
Jorjão Carvalho - Bass (Electric)
Danilo Caymmi - Flute, Arranger, Vocals
Clave de Soul - Performer
DJ Marcelinho da Lua - Turntables
Hudson Delduque - Keyboards
Bosco de Oliveira - Percussion, Drums
Arnaldo DeSouteiro - Percussion, Arranger, Producer
DJ Soul Slinger - Co-Producer
Brian Dunne - Drums
Elliot Erwitt - Cover Photo
Paula Faour - Synthesizer, Keyboards
Marcelo Ferreira - Guitar (Electric)
Fila Brazillia - Performer
Gesiel - Trumpet
Anne Marie Gilkes - Vocals
Billie Godfrey - Vocals, Vocals (bckgr)
Mauro Gomes - Percussion
Jovi - Percussion
Joyce - Guitar (Acoustic), Arranger, Vocals
Ithamara Koorax - Vocals
Teddy Kumpel - Guitar, Arranger, Co-Producer
Dave Laudat - Vocals (bckgr)
Luciano Lopes - Bass (Electric)
Rodrigo de Castro Lopes - Mastering Engineer
Lord K - Percussion, Arranger, Guitar (Electric), Vocals
Junior Mansilva - Trumpet
Anne Marie - Vocals (bckgr)
Tinho Martins - Sax (Alto)
Ulisses Martins - Vocals (bckgr)
Marcio Matias - Percussion
Ricardo Mendes - Guitar (Electric)
Cesar Miquiles - Vocals
Zé Paulo Miranda - Cavaquinho
Mr. Bongo (Dave Buttle) - Executive Producer, Liner Notes
Mr. Hermano - Performer
Ben Mitchell - Percussion, Co-Producer, Remixing
Fernando Moraes - Piano, Arranger
Klaudia Moras - Vocals (bckgr), Co-Producer
Neco (Daudeth Azevedo) - Guitar (Acoustic)
Otto - Percussion, Vocals
Jorge Pescara - Bass (Electric), Stick
Carlos Pingarilho - Guitar (Acoustic), Arranger, Vocals
José Carlos Ramos (Zé Bigorna) - Flute, Arranger, Sax (Soprano), Sax (Tenor)
Fernando Rebelo - Engineer
Dom Um Romão - Percussion, Drums, Vocals (bckgr)
Richard Sadler - Sax (Baritone)
Marcelo Salazar - Percussion, Arranger, Programming, Co-Producer
Tony Scherr - Bass (Electric)
Marco Valério - Engineer
Erasto Vasconcelos - Percussion
Naná Vasconcelos - Percussion
Jeff "The Funkmaster" Walker - Bass (Electric), Guitar (Electric)
Richard Wargent - Sax (Tenor)
Pete Z - Keyboards

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