Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Special 2-DVD set of Diana Krall's "Live in Rio" comes out next week

The Special Edition of Diana Krall's "Live in Rio," in a 2-DVD set with 210 minutes, will be released in the USA by Eagle Vision next Tuesday, October 27.
And the 5-disc box set (total time: 650 minutes!) with the first season of Elvis Costello's "Spectacle" TV show, directed by Dave Russell and featuring Diana Krall, Elton John, Bill Clinton and Smokey Robinson, will be out both on Bluray and DVD formats, on November 10.
This special edition of "Live in Rio" includes features not only the complete material from the standard DVD, as well as a second disc with extra live tracks filmed in Canada, Spain and Portugal, plus the "Rooftop Sessions" (filmed at the Fasano Hotel in Rio de Janeiro, featuring Brazilian bossa nova master Carlos Lyra singing "Corcovado" and "Garota de Ipanema", with legendary producer Tommy LiPuma in the "audience") which were previously available only on the Blu-ray release and on the Japanese issue of the standard DVD. The promotional film for the "Quiet Nights" song completes the second disc.
(Anthony Wilson, Jeff Hamilton, DK & Carlos Lyra during "The Rooftop Sessions")

Arranged by Claus Ogerman, Conducted by Ruriá Duprat
Featuring: John Clayton (acoustic bass), Jeff Hamilton (drums), Paulinho da Costa (congas & percussion) and Anthony Wilson (acoustic & electric guitars).

Track Listing:
Disc 1:
1.) I Love Being Here With You
2.) Let's Fall In Love
3.) Where Or When
4.) Too Marvelous For Words
5.) I've Grown Accustomed To His Face
6.) Walk On By
7.) Frim Fram Sauce
8.) Cheek To Cheek
9.) You're My Thrill
10.) Let's Face The Music And Dance
11.) Every Time We Say Goodbye
12.) So Nice
13.) Quiet Nights
14.) Este Seu Olhar
15.) The Boy From Ipanema
16.) I Don't Know Enough About You
17.) S'Wonderful
18.) Exactly Like You
Conversations (interviews with the musicians about the "Quiet Nights" sessions)
Promotional clip for "The Boy from Ipanema"

Disc 2:
Canada - Solo Concert @ Toronto Becel Benefit Performance
1.) Where Or When
2.) Exactly Like You
3.) Walk On By
4.) Deed I Do
5.) Quiet Nights
6.) Frim Fram Sauce (a delightful version!)
7.) A Case Of You
8.) I Don't Know Enough About You

Madrid, Spain (quartet performances with Bob Hurst, Karriem Riggins & Anthony Wilson)
1.) Deed I Do (with a nice solo by Riggins)
2.) So Nice
3.) P.S. I Love You (a haunting solo version of the 1934 tune co-written by Gordon Jenkins & Johnny Mercer; oh Diana, please record Jenkins' "Goodbye" someday!)

Lisbon, Portugal (filmed at the Pestana Palace Hotel)
1.) Walk On By
2.) Este Seu Olhar

The Rooftop Sessions (filmed in Rio at the Fasano Hotel)
1.) The Boy From Ipanema
2.) Too Marvelous For Words
3.) Cheek To Cheek
4.) Quiet Nights
Promotional Film for the "Quiet Nights" song, filmed in Rio's Botanic Garden

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