Saturday, October 24, 2009

SHM-CD of the Month: "Deodato: Os Catedráticos 73"

SHM-CD of the Month
Eumir Deodato: "Os Catedráticos 73" (Bomba) 2009

Release Date in Japan: October 24, 2009
BOMBA Records SHM-CD BOM 24175
Reissue Produced by Eumir Deodato & Arnaldo DeSouteiro
Digitally Remixed from the 16-track original master tapes by Mike Henderson @ Jazz Station Studios (Los Angeles, CA, USA)


Reissue Produced by Eumir Deodato & Arnaldo DeSouteiro
Musical Producer: Eumir Deodato for Kenya Music
Executive Producer: Oswaldo Cadaxo for Equipe
Basic Tracks Recorded at Musidisc Studios (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), July 1972
Horns & Keyboards Recorded at Sound Ideas Studios (NY, USA), September & October 1972
Mixed in NY by George Klabin, October 1972
Cover Art: Joselito
Liner Notes: Eumir Deodato (NY, March 15, 1998)
Photos: Ruth Deodato
Digitally Remixed by Mike Henderson from the 16-track original master tapes, June 1997
Original LP issue: Equipe EQS/USA 100.001 (1973)

Eumir Deodato - Hammond organ, RMI electric piano & acoustic piano
Sergio Barroso - electric bass
Ivan Conti (Mamão) - drums
Helcio Milito - percussion
Orlandivo - percussion
Bebeto Castilho - congas
Durval Ferreira - electric guitar & 6-string acoustic guitar
Zé Menezes - 12-string electric guitar
Marvin Stamm - trumpet & flugelhorn
John Frosk - trumpet & flugelhorn
Wayne Andre - trombone
Phil Bodner - tenor sax & C flute
Romeo Penque - baritone sax & G flute
Arranged & Conducted by Eumir Deodato

1. Arranha Céu - "Skyscrapers" (E. Deodato)
2. Flap (Marcos Valle-Paulo Sergio Valle)
3. Rodando Por Aí - "Rudy's" (E. Deodato)
4. O Jogo - "Soccer Game" (Pacífico Mascarenhas)
5. Atire A 1ª Pedra (Ataulfo Alves-Mario Lago)
6. Puma Branco - "The White Puma" (Marcos Valle-Paulo Sergio Valle)
7. Passarinho Diferente - "The Byrd" (E. Deodato)
8. Extremo Norte - "The Gap" (E. Deodato)
9. Tô Fazendo Nada - "Down The Hill" (E. Deodato)
10. Menina - "Boy Meets Girl" (E. Deodato)
11. Carlota & Carolina - "Carly & Carole" (E. Deodato)

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