Tuesday, October 6, 2009

In Touch Launches New Music Licensing Platform

In Touch Entertainment recently launched a new music licensing platform called SynchSongs which provides music supervisors and advertisers with on-demand music licensing of a selective roster of recording artists in a wide variety of genres and collections. With a few mouse clicks, you get CD quality audio files and a customized license to use them in your project. No waiting, no hassles.

Whether you're looking to license music for Film & Television, Advertising Campaigns, Music on Hold, Mobile Phone Content, Web Content, Audio Projects, or you are a small business in need of musical content, SynchSongs is your marketplace.

Browse through our online catalog of music and when you've found your selection, click the link to answer a few questions about your project. Pay the licensing fee in our secure payment area, and you'll immediately receive a CD-quality download of the music and a customized license to use it. The entire process takes just a few minutes.

SynchSongs makes music license and copyright trade a simpler and more direct process, offering a service which is inexpensive and secure.

Click here and give it a spin today.

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