Saturday, October 3, 2009

Reissue of the Month - "Friedrich Gulda & Klaus Weiss: It's All One"

CD Reissue of the Month
Friedrich Gulda & Klaus Weiss: "It's All One" (MPS/Universal) 2009

Originally recorded in February 1970 at MPS Studio, Villingen, Germany.
Produced & engineered by Hans-Georg Brunner-Schwer.
CD Reissue produced by Matthias Künnecke for Universal's JazzClub series.
Thanks to the expertise of album designer Knut Schotteldreier, the booklet keeps Horst Schade's original liner notes, also reproducing the original LP cover by Heinz Bähr.
In the USA, you can order it from DustyGroove store through this link:

That's what they say about the album:
"Amazing stuff -- and one of the hippest records ever cut by pianist Friedrich Gulda! Unlike some of his other more modernist efforts, this one's got a really free swing to it -- and it features a spare stripped-down approach that has Gulda's work on piano and "electra piano" backed only by the drums of Klaus Weiss. If you know Weiss' playing, you'll know that he's a heck of a player -- one of the hardest swinging players in Germany during the 70s, with a rich range of styles that included funk, soul jazz, and hard bop playing. The best numbers on the album feature Gulda playing these amazing lines on "electra piano", with Weiss grooving underneath -- either hitting a modal groove, a bossa one, or in some cases a freer beat to match Gulda's solos. The record kicks off with the four-part "Suite For Piano, Electra Piano, & Drums" -- which has two great groovers, the "bossa nova" and "finale" section". It also features the more avant "Meditation III", plus the excellent "Blues Fantasy", which starts out free, then rolls into a great modal funky part with great electric keyboard lines!"

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