Friday, December 19, 2008

EP of the Day - "ET & Deodato"

EP of the Day
E.T. with Deodato: "Hurt Me With Your Love" (Posse) 1985

Produced by Eumir Deodato & ET
Written by D. Mettee & G. Holof
Radio Version Mixed by Deodato, Instrumental & Club Versions Mixed by Kenny Beck
Recorded at Deodato's Duplex Sound Studio, Tribeca Park, NY

From the original press-release signed by Rich Weinman of Posse Records:
"Now, you must admit for the last couple of years the world of dance music has been dominated by the great Shannon, Chaka and His Royal Badness.
Now for something new and refreshing... let me introduce to you the electric lady E.T.
Producer Deodato is the key to this highly erotic production. A very European flavour is evident throughout this track. At 128 bpm's, "Hurt Me With Your Love" reminds me of a cross between "Forbidden Love" and "Love to Love You Baby." The romantic overtones are HOT and STEAMY, and it sounds like E.T. is constantly on the verge of orgasm.
Close your eyes and imagine yourself entralled in the arms of the beautiful E.T."

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